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Baron Island is a Nature and Wildlife Reserve with 220 acres of hilly land mostly covered by a rich variety of original Mediterranean shrub. The highest of its four peaks reaches 330 feet above sea level offering spectacular panoramic views over the clear waters of Mar Menor, the largest saltwater swimming pool in Europe.


Having remained in private hands sensitive to environment conservation, has allowed this nature jewel to exist intact for centuries.

A variety of excellent to eat fish and famous local prawns are abundant in the specially salty waters of Mar Menor.

Sardinian mouflons  (Ovis musimon) wisely introduced in the 1870’s have become part of Baron Island’s ecosystem. They  contribute to pasture and local flora growth with the only requirement of heard regulation to keep maximum numbers under control.

Natural Red partridge (Alectoris rufa) always lived well protected in Baron Island offering excellent hunting for its Falcons, together with other hunting birds as pheasants and quail.

Beehives contribute importantly to plant growth with pollinating bees (Apis mellifera) producing top quality organic honey.