Baron Island Yacht Club is our Classic Lateen Boat Sailing Club that has preserved its centenarian-old wooden lateen sailing boats in perfect conditions and has promoted its regattas in the Mar Menor to keep this beautiful traditional class alive as a Cultural Heritage of the Region.

Our slogan is the old roman latin saying ” Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse” from Cneo Pompeyo (106 B.C.) that emphasizes importance of action in life, like sailing even in a storm rather than just living idle.

This action has managed to recover a number of abandoned traditional fishing boats that not long ago still used their lateen sails to work and transport nets and the excellent quality fish captured in the salty Mar Menor waters. They are now well kept and used to compete in these annual regattas and have now been protected (March 2017) by the local Murcia Region Government as an ‘intangible cultural heritage asset’.

Lateen Sail is the traditional sail well recognized and protected throughout the Mediterranean, Arabian peninsula and East Africa and should be well used as a common heritage link between all these countries.